Basketball Team


Now Forming USA BALLERS Basketball Team...

Ages: Under 10 years old...

Ages: 10 yeras old to 12 years old...

Ages: 13 years old to 15 years old...

Ages: 16 years old to 17 years old...


:To learn basketball from an early age to be competitive and aggressive in your ability to compete and play the game of basketball.

:To learn how to play your position and develop your ability and skills.

:Learn from American coaches as well as Japanese coaches.

:To learn English basketball terminology and to compete in international events.

:So if you love basketball and want to take your game to the next level come join USA BALLERS basketball team.

Fight... Sweat... Pride...

Annual fee         4,000円(Administrative fee・Sports insurance Including)
Monthly tuition fee  10,000円(Three days a week 2 hours)(Guidance fees・Facility usage fee・Tool allowance)
I will buy a separately etc. uniform bag.

Once a week course(every Monday 2 hours)
I belong to that other teams, in order to the individual skills, If you want taught in home American, is recommended here of course.
Annual fee        4,000円(Including sports insurance)
Monthly tuition fee   6,000円(Guidance fees・Facility usage fee・Tool allowance)
We will separately buy the practice for the T-shirt.

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